You can choose to contact us by several different ways as below:

  1. Submit your request/question to our help desk (ticket) system (highly recommended) (*);
  2. Email us at;

  3. Email for us at CRM4Ecommerce page (click on email icon on the right-side);

  4. Leave comments on our Facebook Wall;

  5. Click on the Live chat link at the footer of the CRM4Ecommerce page to chat with us;

  6. In case you installed our extension in your Magento store, let open System > Configuration > CRM4Ecommerce Extension > Notifications & Support and send us your issue (**);
  7. Hot chatting: Chat with our Sales & Support Manager - Mr. Philip Nguyen via Skype (dungnm001), Yahoo (ngmdungx) or Gtalk (dungnm001);

  8. Hot line: Mr. Philip Nguyen +84 914 646 840.

Notice that (*):

  • Click on the link at the menu bar or the footer of CRM4Ecommerce.COM page;

  • Login help desk system and click to new support ticket;

  • Full fill all required fields on ticket form and submit.

About (**):