Hi all. Have you ever encountered situation: "There are some customers want to buy your products that they are interesting with a lower price than listed price"? How did you process with these requirements? Using coupon code or selling products without online store?

With the negotiating requirements from customers, selling products without online store is a bad solution and using coupon code is only a temporary solution, however, you will get difficulty when you want report sales from promotion progams.

So, where is best solution?

The answer is: Let install a negotiating system on your online store! With a negotiating system, you can accept, refuse or reply another price for your customer's offers that don't affect to any other activities on your store.

Magento Product Bargain Price

Magento Product Bargain Price is the best extension allows the online Merchants can create a negotiating price system for all of products on their Magento online stores. And then, their customers will can suggest the own new best price for each products that they are interesting. As soon as store administrators accept customer's suggested price, that customer will can purchase product with his/her own suggested price.

CRM4Ecommerce's Magento Product Bargain Price is the unique extension combatible with most of Magento product types (exclude Magento Grouped Product Type because this prodct type has no price) and all types of product's custom options.

Outstanding features

  • Allow pre-specified customers (by customer group) can suggest new best price that lower than price of store owners.

  • Allow NOT LOGGED IN customers suggest new price (NEW).

  • Allow customers select the specific options of products to negotiate - all types of product's custom options, specially is file option (HOT).

  • Allow customers and store owners negotiate price together.

  • Store owners can fix qty items of negotiating products that customers can add to cart and allow their customers use coupon to get more discount or not (HOT).

  • Send notification mail to selected store owners as soon as a new customer's price was suggested or customers accept new price of store owner or cancel price.

  • Send notification mail to customer as soon as store owners reply.

  • Allow customers purchase the negotiated products with the accepted new price (add those products to cart and place order with new price).

  • Statistic number bargain price items by many types (create time - line chart, statuses - pie chart...).

  • Compatible with most of Magento product types (exclude Grouped Product Type because this prodct type has no price).

  • Not open source but easy to customize on frontend design by yourself.

A powerful and effective extension

  • Customers always want to purchase goods with the cheapest price but with the best valued. This is great extension allow customers send contact with store owner to can purchase goods with price that they want.

  • Help Magento stores can be increasing more and more sales with larger customers.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with all versions of Magento Comunity Edition / Magento Enterprise Edition since the 1.3 / 1.9.

Main Page: http://www.crm4ecommerce.com/magento-product-bargain-price.html

Demo Page:

  • Frontend (for customers): http://demo-magento.crm4ecommerce.com/magento-product-bargain-price/
  • Backend (for administrators): http://demo-magento.crm4ecommerce.com/demo-extensions/admin/ (bargain / bargain123$).

Wish you have a strong and dynamic pricing online stores!