It is so easily with the 3 clearly following steps:

Step 1: Upload module package into your Magento site’s root folder

After purchasing, your downloadable files and serial key will be sent to your email. The file that you can download normally is a zip file has name crm4ecommerce_recyclebin-{{version-number}}.zip, let use FTP client (like Filezilla, WinSCP, cuteFtp...) to upload (copy) all folders and files in this package to your Magento site’s root folder. This will not overwrite any existing files, it only add new files to the folder structure.

Step 2: Refresh cache and Admin User’s Role

After uploading is done, let log in your Magento Administration Panel to refresh cache: Go to System >> Cache >> Management, select all caches, take action “Refresh” and Submit.

Then, let refresh permission role of your current admin user: Go to System >> Permission Role, edit role of current user and click re-save (if current user has full rules [1]) or click save after check rule [2] CRM4Ecommerce Extensions >> Recycle Bin and rule System >> Configuration >> CRM4Ecommerce Recycle Bin Settings.

If you see menu CRM4Ecommerce Extensions >> Recycle Bin  or navigate to System >> Configuration, if you can see tab CRM4Ecommerce Extensions and you can see menu item Recycle Bin on menu bar, it means extension was installed successfully.

Step 3: Activate module

Log in CRM4Ecommerce Web page by your registered account, go to My Account >> My Serial Keys to get Serial Key.

Back to your Magento Administration Panel, go to CRM4Ecommerce Extensions >> Recycle Bin (if you get Access Denied, let log out of Admin Panel and re-login or re-do Step 2), in Block Serial Key Information let change Module Status to Enabled, input your Serial Key to Serial Key field then click Save Config. If you see your website notice “Thank you for registering for url {{site base url}}” and information in Serial Information and Start Date are shown that mean you activated module successfully.

Module Settings – Activated module

[1] When you see Resource Access is All or All check options in this field are checked.

[2] Each rule is a check option in Resource Access.